Rule 2

Rule 2 Players must be registered firstly on FAInet and then a hard copy of registration form lodged in the league. A bona-fide player of a club is one who has signed a properly completed registration form and paid the appropriate registration fee (€7), duly witnessed by the Club Secretary and lodged with the League Twenty Four (24) hours before kick-off. The League date stamp will be the official date of registration. A player is eligible for a League match if his Registration Form has been examined and considered to be properly completed and stamped by the League. In all competitions the player must be signed and registered at least 24 hours for his club before he takes part in a match. In the event of a player signing for different clubs, within or outside of the League, the date of League registration stamp shall decide as to which club the player belongs. League registration forms accepted only during the period from the date of the first management meeting after the AGM to the following 30th September.   . It is the Clubs responsibility to ensure all players are registered with the Leaguefor the current season before playing in any match. Clubs will be subject to a fine and/or deduction of points for playing an unregistered player.  It is important for the Club Secretary to retain all receipts. It is your record that a player is registered to play